Trip to Kui Buri National Park (From Hua Hin area. Duration about 8 hours):

Established in 1999 Kui Buri National Park is located in the Tenasserim Hills in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province.

The national park is home to one of biggest population of gaurs in entire Thailand with estimated around 100 individuals and around 320 elephants.

Kuiburi National Park maintains its natural beauty and intact ecosystem not altered by human exploitation.

Kui Buri National Park – the best spot in entire Thailand to see elephants in the wild, making it a great wildlife safari destination.Wild mammals such as gaurs, elephants, golden jackals, leopards, deers, bantengs, langurs are common in the national park.


The wildlife watching area north from the substation is a forested area with several grassland areas. The last grassland area has a viewpoint with nice view over surrounding areas. While doing safari trip the local guides will inform each other with walkie talkies when they see animals. Apart from the elephants gaurs, golden jackals and deers may be seen with a bit of luck.

Kuiburi National Park maintains its natural beauty and intact ecosystem not altered by human exploitation.

The main activity this Wildlife Safaris in Kui Buri is the game drive in prime elephant habitat. We make some stops at look outs where we scan the forest edges to see if any of Kui Buri’s animals are willing to show. This safari does not contain any hiking. We make use of open-air safari trucks which give the best view whenever we encounter wildlife, but it offers little protection against sun or rain, so be prepared. The vehicles are driven by locals from the surrounding area of the park. This way they directly benefit from the presence of the wildlife, and that will make them more committed in protecting the park and the animals, even if it occassionally might mean elephants raid their crops.

National Park located 90 km from the Hua Hin to the South
Additional charges:
Enterance Fee – 200 thb/adult and 100 thb/kid
Rentals Jeep Car – 850 thb
Price include sightseeing around the Park area, you will see the Elephants in the Wild Nature.
Trip will take about 2 hours.

Toyota Camry (sedan, 4 passengers max) — 4,000 THB;

Toyota Innova (compact MPV, 6 passengers max) — 4,500 THB;

Toyota Fortuner (SUV, 6 passengers max) — 4,500 THB;

Toyota Commuter (minibus, 10 passengers max) — 5,000 THB.